Hi, I'm Alice!

For many years I've been active in photography. My passion for photography has given me the chance to give the real value to my customers. I've always been hardworking, dedicated and wanted to create tools that would bring any photo closer to "perfect look". 

So I founded AlicePhotoStudio and shared my knowledge with my partners. You can be sure that all our presets are created by professional photographers and are fully personalized for different photos.

AlicePhotoStudio is not an internet only seller.
Known for creative and emotive style, AlicePhotoStudio provides perfect photo editing style & finishing touch on images.

All our PRESETS are compatible with Lightroom mobile app as well as desktop versions of Lightroom.
Presets work on all devices in Adobe Lightroom (PC/Mac) and Lightroom Mobile App (iOS/Android). If you need .xmp files, please let us know, it is not a problem.

Even more...
Our high-quality Lightroom presets designed with consideration PHOTOGRAPHY TRENDS.

*What are Adobe Lightroom Presets?
- PRESETS simplify the editing process. You can edit photo with one click and save your time.
- PRESETS customize the style of your photos.
- PRESETS help, whether you create your own style or a consistent visual theme for your project.

*NOTE: as no two photos have identical coloring, lighting, etc., you can make small adjustments.

Cheers, AlicePhotoStudio