When you arrange your iPhone photos, do you usually strive to obtain a clear shot of the subject with nothing in the way? In such a case, you might wish to do the exact opposite. Shooting through other objects can result in far more fascinating pictures by making your subject appear distorted, framed, and transformed. This video will show you ten fun techniques for taking iPhone shots that are more imaginative by shooting through various things.

Windows With Droplets of Water

A classic illustration of how photographing an item may result in a more engaging and imaginative image is a window drenched with rain.

Your images may take on a great vibe if you shoot through the rain on a window. It's also excellent for giving your photographs an abstract feel. You might utilize condensation droplets on the inside of a window in addition to rain.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

Try to capture the street lights glistening through the water droplets if you're taking nighttime photos. Your pictures will acquire a romantic and dreamy vibe as a result.

To get various effects, you can experiment with different mixtures. For instance, you may completely cover the frame with water drops, particularly with a vibrant background like the sunset in the image below.alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

Giving the water droplets total control over the image will offer a novel interpretation of a well-known picture. You may also use it to make magnificent abstract artwork.

You may also try framing only a portion of the image with the water droplets, as seen in the image below. This provides an intriguing framing around the thing outside and gives you a feeling of the window that you can just make out.

Be mindful of your focal point while firing water drops through the glass.

Either the thing on the opposite side of the window or the water droplets themselves should be your primary attention.

Both can result in beautiful photographs, but it's crucial to choose one before tapping to focus on the relevant area of the image. The environment outside will seem blurry if you set focus on the water droplets, while the water droplets themselves will appear clear.

If pressing the screen doesn't work to concentrate the water droplets, try using a camera software like Manual, which allows you to focus on the desired area manually.

The sun's reflection in the water droplets will produce beautiful sparkles in your shot. This is excellent for giving your photographs a mystical atmosphere.

Additionally, you may employ water droplets to obstruct a portion of the subject, lending your photograph a sense of interest and mystery. The fact that the water droplets obscure the runner's face in the photograph below of her on a rainy day adds to the photo's intrigue.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

Also, take note of how a few of the water drops, like the one covering her black tights, show the scenario reversed. Her picture is being refracted by the water droplets, making her legs appear to be upside down.

How about being even more imaginative and taking photos via eyeglasses, as shown in the shot below, in addition to windows? When I was caught in a downpour and had to hurry back to my car to seek shelter from the downpour, I snapped this picture.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

In the front, you can see water droplets on my glasses, and just beyond that, you can see water droplets on a car window. It is now a double shoot-through as a result!

Watch out for windows in your home or on cars that you can shoot through on a rainy day. With something so straightforward, you may produce images that are genuinely original.

Frosted Glass

Photographs taken through frosted or textured glass can be just as intriguing as those taken through clear glass. You can produce images that fall in between silhouettes and a typical photo with this particular type of glass.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

The picture is made hazier by the glass's roughness. The subject will look blurrier the farther it is from the glass. Utilize this to your advantage by adjusting the subject's distance to create a compelling impact. Glass may occasionally be both frosted & textured, like in the picture below.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

The only thing you can truly see of the people's bodies is the silhouetted outline of their shoes due to the icing. Given that each person's shoe is isolated, it makes for a fascinating photograph.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

Ice & Snow

Similar to shooting through frosted glass, or ice shooting. The ice on the automobile windshield in the image below is so thick that it's difficult to understand what's happening, yet it's still a stunning abstract picture with amazing texture. Another excellent material to shoot through is snow. On a snowy day, I took the snapshot below from inside my car.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

Both the snow on the glass of the automobile I'm in and the snow on the windshield of the vehicle next to me are visible. The photograph has an additional degree of visual intrigue because of the double snow effect.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

It might be challenging to shoot through ice or snow since it is sometimes so cold that it is hard to think imaginatively. So bundle up and spend some time looking for chances to play around with frosty or snowy glass. There will be photographic payoffs, so persevere.

Crystal Ball

It's a terrific approach to give a well-known scene a fresh perspective to shoot through a crystal ball. Because of the way the crystal ball refracts the scene, adding a crystal ball to your shots will instantly give them a unique aspect. Inside your ball, everything will be upside down, which causes the observer to reconsider what they are seeing. As long as you keep the crystal ball relatively near to the camera, shooting thru a crystal ball has the extra advantage of producing a narrow depth of focus. By somewhat blurring the background, this serves to draw attention to the ball as well as its charm.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

Make careful to tap the ball to focus on that area of the scene on your iPhone's screen. When you're finished, the backdrop scene should become blurry.

alicephotostudio - shooting photos through objects with iphone

Although they might be a bit pricey, crystal balls are guaranteed to inspire original ideas whenever you place them in front of your iPhone.

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