Would you want to experiment with portrait photography on your iPhone? Here are 5 quick techniques to take more captivating and fascinating portraits!

1 - Create Interesting Portraits With Two individuals.

Two individuals, whether a couple, a family, or close pals, might be tricky to pose for a photograph. But after learning a few tips, you'll be able to take intriguing photos of two subjects! Let's get going with a really basic method. Ask the two participants to face each other while standing side by side. Then come near enough that only the top half of each subject's face is visible in the picture. This is a terrific technique to capture siblings in close-up detail.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

You may make an intriguing portrait by having your subjects stand at various distances from the camera if they are at different heights.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

Have the taller individual approach your camera while gazing in one certain way. Additionally, place the shorter subject a few steps back and face the other way. Instead of having them stand side by side, this offers a fascinating viewpoint. You may also experiment with blurring the foreground or background.

2 - Create Dreamy Lighting for Your Portraits

We've spoken about how to make your images more dramatic. But how can you create a lucid atmosphere in your portrait photographs?

So, it's simpler than you may imagine! There are three basic considerations:

Movement. Slack, dreamy facial expressions. Elegant movements of the arm and hands.

Have your subject wear loose clothing or a long dress since this is an excellent technique to incorporate movement into your photograph. When they are ready, ask them to throw the dress or other material up while you have your camera ready. Then take some pictures as the cloth is descending. You may use the iPhone camera's burst mode to increase your chances of capturing the ideal image.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

Simply move the shutter button toward the image thumbnail to start burst mode. Alternatively, if you have an earlier iPhone, simply keep the shutter button down. Until you stop pressing the shutter button, your iPhone will continue to take pictures. The finest photos from the burst may then be selected, and the remainder can be discarded. You can capture the distinctive way the fabric falls using this approach. And it's ideal for giving your iPhone portrait photographs a dreamlike feel.

Think about the subject's expression next. Asking your person to relax their face & close their eyes will help you easily create a serene, dreamlike atmosphere. When you add some graceful arm movements, you may elevate your dreamy position. Have your individual bend their elbows a little while raising their hands over their heads. Never be frightened to be imaginative! Ask your individual to gently move their arms and hands to see what works best as you direct them.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

3 - Try Out a Few Different Poses

Your shots may succeed or fail, depending on how you frame your subject. You need to be a little more imaginative if you don't want to strike any boring or lifeless stances. Here are three quick postures that can make your portraits more interesting and dramatic.

Trying out the first posing method is rather simple. Simply utilize the hands of your subject to frame their face. Put a hand on the side of their face that is higher. Then drop your other hand, so it touches their face softly at their jawline.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

Posing in this way produces a natural frame that highlights your subject's face. Additionally, it provides them a reason to use their hands, which helps them feel more at ease when shooting.

The following posture approach adds a little more drama and emotion. Place a mild touch on the subject's neck while instructing them to tilt their heads back. This position has a very seductive feeling. It's also fantastic to employ when you want to make your target feel gorgeous and assured.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

Now, try shooting from a low angle if you want to produce more distinctive portrait images. Bring your iPhone close to the ground and aim it upward toward the target. Get near your subject's feet and use your iPhone's wide-angle lens to take the photo. Get them to kick in the direction of your camera for a captivating picture shot from a different angle. This method presents your subject from an unusual perspective for most viewers. So it's certain to draw interest!

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

4 - Create Unique Light Patterns

You may take some extremely fascinating photographs using light patterns. When sunlight filters through window blinds or beveled glass indoors, you may see patterns in the light. When the sun passes through a fence or through the leaves of a tree, patterns can be seen outside. Holding several things in front of a light source is another inventive technique. For instance, you could use a strainer to make particular light patterns on your subject's face. Positioning your subject such that the light pattern shines directly on their face generally works best.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

Have your subject stand up against the wall if the pattern is shining on it to create more visual appeal. Tap the screen of your iPhone to concentrate on the subject's face if required, then swipe down to lessen exposure so that the subject's skin isn't excessively light, exposure is reduced. And your shot will have more drama thanks to the dark, deep shadows! Try several stances while moving your subject around in the lighting. You may, for instance, record the pattern on only one side of their face. Or highlight a certain feature, like their eye, using the light.

alicephotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

5 - To create dramatic portrait photos, use high-contrast lighting

Shoot in high-contrast light to get more dramatic portrait images! Bright light and deep shadows are present in the scene when the lighting is in high contrast.

alicepotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

Where can you find bright contrast?

So the best time to search for this sort of light is on a sunny day. Locate a structure or wall outside where an intense light and a dark shadow meet.

Then place a portion of your subject in the shade. To concentrate on the subject's face, tap the iPhone screen. After that, swipe down to decrease exposure so that the shadows are dark and striking. High-contrast lighting produces images that appear fantastic in black and white. Simply browse for the black-and-white settings in your preferred picture editing program to achieve this effect! Inside, you may also get contrasty lighting. Find a space with gentle light coming in from a window that is discreetly lighted. Put the topic close to the window. Then place them so the window will illuminate half of their face while casting a shadow on the other. Reduce exposure if required to make the shadows appear deep and dramatic. A gorgeously moody portrait will be produced by contrasting light and shade!

alicepotostudio - tips to shoot amazing portrait photos

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